It’s time to get real

Why? After years of on again off again diets the final acceptance that diets just don’t work long term. I managed to lose heaps of weight and run a half marathon a few years ago. This came with amazing sense of achievement and of feeling better than I ever had before, but it was all downhill from there – to where I find myself today. I over trained – extremes are what I do. I burnt out, lost interest in running and then took the inevitable slide backwards – undoing all my good work and training to find myself right back at the beginning again. Complete with depression and the return to familiar patterns and bad habits.

I loved the feeling of being fit and for the first time in my life understood what it was like to have energy to burn. I want that feeling again and I have learnt enough about what needs to be done – I just have to find a better way of doing it. It’s time to try something new, so why not a blog for some form of accountability. Life is too short to obsess about this stuff or feeling this rubbish. I plan to track progress (or not) each week and hope to hear from others fighting their own battles with this stuff.

Week One is about cutting back on the wine, trying not to scarf down the contents of the fridge or pantry during the evenings, and doing daily weigh ins.

The awful truth of the matter


3 thoughts on “It’s time to get real

  1. Hey,

    I am also a couch potato and I started moving today for the first time in years! I was very fit when I was a teenager but I let it all slide when I finished school/college.

    Today I started the Couch to 5k plan, and I’m determined to stick with it! What’s your plan of action for getting fit again?

    I’m also going to update my blog on a regular basis, and I hope to be able to inspire others to get up and get moving.

    Best of luck to you!


  2. Hi Ruthy
    Well the plan is not to plan too much for the next few weeks. I have a habit of planning everything – to the point of sheer boredom sometimes which I think is part of the problem! To start I am going to stop beating myself up and try and do a couple of positive things each day. Having said that – each week I will focus on one thing – this week is don’t drink so much wine!!! I will post a summary of what I managed to achieve or not each week – hoping to keep myself accountable. I have to give up smoking… and I will be walking before I run (when the time is right I will pick another half marathon and train towards that). Feels like a mountain right now. Sigh.
    Well done getting of the couch and working towards your 5k goal 🙂

    • Oh dear… wine and cigarettes… I feel your pain. I stopped drinking about a month ago, but the cigarettes are going to be a tough one! I’m far too fond of them 😦

      I look forward to stopping by and seeing how you are doing!


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