Keeping a food diary makes me crazy

One of the proven ways to help lose weight is the practice of keeping a food diary. I have done this in the past and have found it to be successful via Weight Watchers… BUT have found that it makes me obsess even more about food which drives me nuts.

This time round I have decided to weigh in everyday – read it in an old book by Arthur Lydiard back in the days when common sense was everywhere. I figure the scales don’t lie no matter how much I wish they would, and the point is to look at the weekly trend not the day to day fluctuations. An added benefit is that it’s over and done with at the start of the day.

My theory is that because it is daily I’ll find myself thinking a bit more about what I shovel in my mouth without having to record every last thing! Of course if this is a complete disaster I may have to resort to the tried and true.

Be interested to hear your thoughts on the food diary thing and if you have any tips on how you keep tabs without feeling food obsessed.