One step at a time

Today was the day for my first 30min walking session.

After 2 cups of coffee there was no more reason to procrastinate so it was off to the treadmill. I much prefer idea of walking in the park but I feel rather ashamed of myself and the state I am in right now. The treadmill is private and convenient, I have music and a TV available to make up for the lack of changing scenery and a fan for hot days.

The first 15 minutes were horrible – a very real reminder of how unfit I have become over the past 5 years. Towards the end of the session it started feeling better as I got a tiny glimpse of what I used to like about running – my mind gets to wander (not entirely sure if it should be out on its own but what the heck) – it feels kind of like meditating and then at the end the endorphins have left me feeling good.

One down, two more sessions to go this week, got to make a start somewhere.   🙂