Week Two Ends

At the end of week two I have successfully completed two out of the three goals. 3 x 30min sessions completed and I am 3/4 of the way through “No Need For Speed”.

As for the wine – well I knew this might be a tough ask this early on so again 2 bottles of wine over the week – not exactly an epic fail but still not where I want to be. Given that this is the week before Christmas I suspect I will not manage it this week either – so I might postpone this to the following week. Considering I used to cringe taking the recycling out for kerbside collection I’m not doing too bad – it’s pretty lame when you find yourself hiding the wine bottles under the plastics and newspaper so the neighbours wont see!

Weighing in seems to be working – I find myself checking in a little more to see if I really am hungry before I beat a track to the fridge or pantry – another 900g down (from last Sunday) so now a total of 1.8kg lost without it feeling like a diet. Still enjoying the evening mint/choc treats.

The first 2 sessions on the treadmill I just walked at a pace enough to develop a light sweat by the end. With the third I used a bit of a walk jog kind of motion which felt good – while it may not be running it feels more like it, a little harder but it was easy to maintain for the whole 30 min. I think I will aim for this pace for next week’s sessions. I am very aware of the need to progress slowly, my knees are certainly noticing the extra movement and because of the extra weight I am carrying – it will take a while for the muscles around them to strengthen again.

Reading has been great for the head space. Left my last treadmill session till this morning and was not feeling terribly motivated, so got up made a coffee and returned to bed to read a couple of chapters before I found my get up and go. Sometimes the hardest part is just putting my running shoes on.

Summary of week two fitness goals for run couch potato run

As for next week I will continue weighing in – with Christmas day in the mix there will be more than the usual amount of temptation around so it really is about minimising damage!

New goals for Week Three

  • 3 x 30 min walk jog sessions – look at adding a 4th session if knees are feeling ok
  • Finish “No Need for Speed” and start reading “Slow Burn”
  • Drink more water (aim for 2 x 400ml bottles) each day – just for the record – I fill the bottles I use from the tap!