Week 7 – pits of despair!

Week seven and I find myself reaching an all time low – heaviest weight ever as well as smoking and drinking too much. It’s been harder than I thought to get back on track after Christmas. So disappointed in myself – the result of Sunday morning’s weigh in sees me berating myself for being utterly useless – as part of my punishment I decide to double the planned 30 minute session on the treadmill to 60 minutes – basically to make up for missing Friday’s session. I know this is not what you are supposed to do but it turned out to be a good thing – started out really angry calling myself all the good for nothing names under the sun, by halfway I had started to calm down and started to tell myself to get over it, giving myself a kick up the pants of the more positive kind. By the end I had resolved to do better in week eight. Felt too ashamed to post my results until now – even considered lying – duh… how pointless is that.

I appear to be back on track 98.8 this morning. Yay for Tuna salad wraps!
Determined to keep it positive!

Well here they are – my dreadful stats for last week…

Goals for Week Eight

Primary Goals

  • 5 x 30 min walk jog sessions (increase pace to 6.5kph)
  • No cigarettes all week

Secondary Goals

  • Monitor food more closely – portion control, snacks and no seconds
  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water per day
  • Daily weigh ins

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